God Remembers Our Tears

8 You yourself have recorded my wanderings.

Put my tears in your bottle.

Are they not in your book?

9 Then my enemies will retreat on the day when I call.

This I know: God is for me. -- Psalms 56:8-9 (CSB)


Life is full of difficulty. It is full of seasons of suffering, of confusion, of loneliness and of tears. Sometimes all we want is to find the nearest ‘cave’ to hide from the different things that threaten our joy and safety. At times it seems better to forget God, to live like others do.  Some moments in life leave us feeling isolated from others, even at times those closest to us even those in our own roofs with whom we share life’s most vulnerable moments. But when we are chased down by difficulties and when enemies of all kinds overpower us we need to remember that even if we are tempted to forget God and to abandon him, he does not forget or abandon his children.  Our daily frustrations tempt us to wander away from him, but they are not overlooked by him.  

            The Psalm above records David’s words when he was running away from an army that was seeking to destroy him.  In the middle of feeling like his life was in danger, confusion and a sense of being lost began to set in.  But David remembers that God records every moment in our lives when we are chased by life’s difficulties and caused to feel like we are wandering in the world without clear direction or security. God himself, personally is acquainted with the deep details of your personal confusion and feelings of lostness. David remembered this, while in the middle of his wandering.  

            God is intimately aware with the details of your tears. He knows how many they are, he knows what has caused your tears, he knows the pain, suffering, loneliness that caused them.  God is intimately aware of the tears you cry even when others are not. He knows them. So, David asks in a rhetorical question, one to which he already knows the answer, ‘Are they not in your book?’  Of course, they are! Did you ever consider that not only does God know your tears today, but he actually can recall every tear you’ve ever cried?  He has kept a record of them all. 

            David is assured that even though his enemies seem like they are winning they will ultimately end up running and fleeting from him.  Why? Because he knows that God has kept a record of his tears. He knows that God loves him, as he is the king of Israel, who are his people. He knows that because God keeps a record of his tears he will also hear him and cause his enemies to flee. God’s care for you demonstrated by his remembering your every tear is meant to remind you to trust him for deliverance. Why? Because David says, since God keeps a record of my tears I know that he is for me.  There is nothing more important to be confident of in the whole world than to know that God is for you, personally. You can have the world’s richest person on your side, or the most powerful, or even the most knowledgeable, the most connected and none of these really matter much because they all die.  But if God is for you, it means that you stand in his favor, he is pleased with you now in the midst of difficulty and that your future holds a bright hope of enjoying the glory of his kingdom. How can we say with confidence, “This I know: God is for me.”? We can say it when we realize that there is another king, who is greater than David and who represents us before God. Even in your weakness God is for you, when you hide in Jesus because God doesn’t deal with your tears alone, but he does so only after Jesus has brought them to him so that God records them in his book because you who rest in Jesus are acceptable to God. Jesus died for our sins to make us right in the eyes of God and we can bring our tears to him, call out to God like David for his help and know with certainty that since Jesus died for our sins God hears us and cares for us with the same love he has for Jesus. 

            Call on God during the day of your tears.  Call on him when life is frustrating. Call on him when you are confused and feel alone and defeated. Because he hears you and remembers your tears.  All this is true when you come to him in and through Jesus. 


May God keep you,


Ramny Perez