Building a Kingdom Family that Displays the Love of Jesus

About us

A small group of believers who love The Bronx and want to see God do something powerful here joined together to start a new church in the Fordham Neighborhood. We are joining God in the work of seeing his kingdom expand. We know that all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Jesus, who gained it by dying humbly on a cross and defeating sin and death through his resurrection. So we want everyone to learn how to become a disciple of Jesus. (Matthew 28:18-20)

God’s kingdom family is made up of individuals from diverse cultures and ethnicities that are transformed into one family. God’s interest isn’t just to save individuals but to create a community of people who worship him and follow his authority. (Acts 2:42-47)



1.     Know: Devoted to God’s Word

We are a church that is devoted to maintaining the good news of Jesus central to everything we do.  The New Testament church was focused on having God’s word and the gospel central. In Acts 2:42 we see how the first church ever started was committed to hearing the word of God taught.

We are a church that preaches the bible and a family where everyone is equipped to understand it and share it with one another.

2.    Live: Devoted to a Spiritual Family

We believe the church is a group of people who commit to following God together. We are people who come from different cultural backgrounds but devote ourselves to intentionally participating in the details of each other’s lives.

This kind of vibrant community is attractive and gives testimony to the skeptical of the veracity of Jesus’ claims to be the savior of the world. The Gospel can change people and how they interact with each other.

3.    Love: Devoted to Serving

The church Jesus is building is meant to be a  ‘light’ by both our words and actions.  We want to be a church where a faithful preservation of the gospel is found. So that we intentionally share with our neighbors the good news of Jesus in spaces that are natural to them. {Acts 17}

In addition, we are a church that is seeking to be an agent of justice, as we seek to promote the justice of God’s kingdom to further influence our neighborhood and the city.